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Átak car rental has been servicing travelers in Iceland for 35 years. Our company is the most established car hire brand in Iceland. That´s why you can trust us.

Rent a car and drive the circle of Iceland

The most popular and complete vacation in Iceland is to drive the whole circle of Iceland. Along the coast there is a road called the ring road, or route 1. It encircles the whole ...

If I only had two days in Iceland

If your time in Iceland is limited then read this to understand how it´s best spent here. This article is about what you could you do if you only had two days in Iceland, bec...

Video of road trip in Iceland

Iceland Road Trip HD from Pure Adirondacks on Vimeo. Check out this awesome video of a road trip created by travelers to Iceland....

How do people travel in Iceland?

See the best way of getting around the island...

Wide Selection

We offer a wide selection of cars in our fleet.

From small city cars to large SUV´s and people carrier´s.

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Our staff will take your call 24/7 in case of an emergency. Please call +354 554 6040

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Átak car rental has provided excellent service for 35 years !!!!