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Toyota Yaris Cross or similar

Toyota Yaris Cross
  • Automatic 2WD
  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 Doors
  • 4 Luggage ?
  • Not allowed on F Roads ?

The new 2023 model Toyota Yaris Cross compact SUV.  Our smallest SUV and is without 4wd. 

The urban sprawl. It’s the context in which modern motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV. But this class of vehicle is often too large and unwieldy for the city, and neither as economical nor environmentally efficient as many road users would prefer. It is into this familiar scenario that Toyota launches the all-new Yaris Cross compact SUV. It is a vehicle that combines our small car expertise specifically tailored to handle the rough and tumble of urban or higway life, allied to a genuine emphasis on environmental performance.

Special attention was paid to the new model’s practicality and versatility. Details include a powered rear hatch and a height-adjustable luggage deck, giving the flexibility of either a secure underfloor compartment or more space to carry larger items. The deck board itself can be divided in two and the luggage compartment has a new flexible belt system to keep items secure when driving.