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All our rental cars come with Collision Damage Waiver (with 390.000 ISK driver liability excess for small cars and 490.000 driver liability excess for SUV´s and Buses). We strongly recommend more coverage which will reduce your liability. Take into consideration that Iceland is prone to extreme weather conditions which can cause damage to your hire car. Without insurance you would have to pay for this damage out of your own pocket and be left with a huge cost. 

Keep in mind that if you are insured through a third party insurance provider, such as a credit card or insurance company, you will first pay Icerentalcars for any damage and then get reimbursed through your insurance provider. Adding Silver insurance package, you can lower your excess liability to 90.000 ISK for small cars and 120.000 ISK for SUV´s and Buses, or you can add a Platinum Package to get a hassle-free vacation with 0 (Zero) ISK liability excess.

If you are not prepared to make this decision now, you can always add insurance when you pick up the car. The price is the same whether you book at the counter or online. 


Choose from our insurance packages - our best offer

CDW Insurance

  • Excess:
  • Small / Medium: 390.000 ISK
  • Large / SUV: 490.000 ISK
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Third party liability (TPL)

Silver discount package

  • Excess:
  • Small / Medium: 90.000 ISK
  • Large / SUV: 120.000 ISK
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Third party liability (TPL)
  • Gravel Protection (GP)

Platinum discount package

  • Excess:
  • Small / Medium: 0 ISK
  • Large / SUV: 0 ISK
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Third party liability (TPL)
  • Gravel Protection (GP)
  • Windshield Protection (WP)
  • Theft Protection (THP)
  • Sandstorm Protection (SAAP)

Or pick and choose your individual insurance

  • collision damage Waiver

    DEDUCTIBLE 420.000 ISK

    Price per day: INCLUDED
  • Theft protection

    Price per day: 990 ISK - all cars
  • Gravel Protection

    Price per day: 1.750 ISK - all cars

    Price per day: 995 ISK

    Price per day for small / medium car: 1.895 ISK
    Price per day for large / SUV: 2.595 ISK
  • Third party liability

    Price per day: INCLUDED

Information about our insurance 

The renter is always responsible for damages which are not covered by any of our insurance. Examples of this are:

Damages caused to the underside and the top of the vehicle. This also applies if the vehicle rolls over.
Damages caused when driving off road or through waters and rivers.
Damages caused by the wind blowing up the door.
Damages caused by negligence or driving while intoxicated. 

For a full list of what is not covered, please view section 29 of our Terms and conditions