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Everything was as advertised*

Google reviews: Everything was as advertised, great clean vehicle, no hassles, would definitely recommend. After landing in Reykjavik we followed the instructions given to us by the rental agency, the free 5 minute shuttle was easy and convenient. Walking is also an option, not very far at all (max 10 minutes). Upon arriving we were greeted with free coffee and the lady at the service desk was very friendly and helpful. She gave us a few tips for sights to see along the journey and did a great job explaining what was and was not covered. One thing to note! Iceland is an absolutely beautiful country but the weather conditions can be very harsh. Do your research ahead of time, every rental company has optional upgrades for sand/ash damage, windshield coverage, etc. It is always possible that the weather/nature can cause damage to vehicles, especially in Iceland. I know a family friend that went there, shipped over his OWN motorbike, and the thing was written off due to a sandstorm. Because of this we opted for the full insurance package. It great to be able to enjoy Iceland with out the stresses of things that aren't in your control. We had a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 Diesel and it was awesome. It comfortably held 4 of us with camping/cooking gear, it allowed us to travel F Roads, see the highlands, get away from the crowds, and access incredible spots not otherwise possible. Only con I can think of is this car was fairly thirsty and fuel is not cheap in Iceland. On the other hand, with four people sharing costs it isn't a big deal.

- Dolf Vermeulen from Germany. gemietet Toyota Landcruiser

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Self-drive tours are a fantastic option for visitors who wish to travel around Iceland at their own pace. Driving guidelines and traveling tips are provided



To celebrate the small number of brand new 4x4 cars that we’ve added to our fleet, we are offering them to our customers at a special discount.