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Our tour guide booked Átak Car Rental*

From google reviews: Our tour guide booked Átak Car Rental for our Icelandic tour around the South Coast. We visited in February so had booked a 4x4 as suggested in the guides before hand as it had just snowed heavily before our visit. We were provided with an almost brand new Ford Kuga fitted with studded winter tyres which we were very glad of! The car had virtually every option and was a pleasure to drive. The staff at Átak were very friendly and helpful with our questions and picked us up/dropped us off at our hotel in Reykjavik to collect/return the car, I would highly recommend.

- Renter from UK. gemietet Ford kuga

Great for WOW Cyclothon; liked the staff *

Atak was a great experience for renting a van and trailer for our Iceland cycling adventure. They adapted nicely to the curveballs I threw. The first was going in on arrival and asking to get the van two days earlier so we could get to the house we rented. it seemed to be a complicated process because it took a while, but worked out for the best. I had to swap vans because we needed a trailer to haul our bikes, but hey only had one van with a hitch, and it was out when I got there early. The swap took some time because the van needed maintenance before we could take it, but it pulled the trailer beautifully. The van was a nice size for 24-hour driving during our race...great space for riding stuff, resting space, and bike decent maneuverability and mileage with the small diesel. We spent three days riding the ring road. If you are going to do this, get the gravel insurance. It's extra, but you'd rather have it in case, than be stuck without it. Car rentals are a bit slower than I am used to in the US, so give it some time, but ultimately the staff will work to meet your needs.

- Renter from United States. gemietet Renault Trafic

Great experience *

I had a great experience with Atak for a 6 day rental in June 2018. The staff was professional, the car in good shape and being able to prepay the rental helped with my budget for the trip. As a side note, I recommend getting gravel insurance because there is gravel everywhere.

- Renter from Uganda. gemietet VW Golf

Wszystko przebiegło bezproblemowo.*

From Google reviews: Wszystko przebiegło bezproblemowo. Dobra cena i wysoka jakość usługi. Samochód był sprawny i czysty. Obsługa miła i chętna do pomocy. Bez żadnych ukrytych opłat. Polecam!

- Renter from Poland. gemietet VW UP

Always great service*

From Google reviews: Always great service and we even got a free upgrade on the car!

- Renter from VwG Golf. gemietet Danmark

Really good company*

From Google reviews: Really good company. The lady in the office was really nice, the car had great options I didn't pay for. Good prices and clear explanations. Really great people compared to sixt for example.

- Renter from France. gemietet Hyundai Tucson

Excellent service and attention*

From Google reviews: Excellent service and attention. There was a problem with my online booking and they gave me a nice discount on a bigger car!

- Renter from Spain. gemietet Suzuki Jimny

Great vehicle rental company*

From Google reviews: Great vehicle rental company - pleasant to deal with, the vehicle was high quality and comfortable, terms and conditions were very clearly laid out. We rented a Toyota Land Cruiser. It was nice having the comfort to go to the more remote areas of Iceland without worry of the vehicle limiting us.

- Renter from UK. gemietet Toyota Landcruiser

Rented a Toyota Land Cruiser from this company on a 12-day trip*

From Google reviews: Rented a Toyota Land Cruiser from this company on a 12-day trip. Everything went smoothly, from the start to finish. The vehicle seemed to suck back gas, but the cost wasn't bad after splitting it with 4 people. There was enough room to fit 4 people with multiple bags very comfortably. Overall good experience.

- Renter from USA. gemietet Toyota Landcruiser

Everything was as advertised*

Google reviews: Everything was as advertised, great clean vehicle, no hassles, would definitely recommend. After landing in Reykjavik we followed the instructions given to us by the rental agency, the free 5 minute shuttle was easy and convenient. Walking is also an option, not very far at all (max 10 minutes). Upon arriving we were greeted with free coffee and the lady at the service desk was very friendly and helpful. She gave us a few tips for sights to see along the journey and did a great job explaining what was and was not covered. One thing to note! Iceland is an absolutely beautiful country but the weather conditions can be very harsh. Do your research ahead of time, every rental company has optional upgrades for sand/ash damage, windshield coverage, etc. It is always possible that the weather/nature can cause damage to vehicles, especially in Iceland. I know a family friend that went there, shipped over his OWN motorbike, and the thing was written off due to a sandstorm. Because of this we opted for the full insurance package. It great to be able to enjoy Iceland with out the stresses of things that aren't in your control. We had a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 Diesel and it was awesome. It comfortably held 4 of us with camping/cooking gear, it allowed us to travel F Roads, see the highlands, get away from the crowds, and access incredible spots not otherwise possible. Only con I can think of is this car was fairly thirsty and fuel is not cheap in Iceland. On the other hand, with four people sharing costs it isn't a big deal.

- Renter from Germany. gemietet Toyota Landcruiser