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Nissan X-trail oder ähnliches

Nissan X-trail
  • Automatic 4WD
  • 5 Passagiere
  • 5 Türen
  • 4 Gepäck ?
  • Allowed on F Roads ?

The Nissan X Trail is a compact crossover, automatic 4x4 vehicle. This rental is a perfect option for those opting to drive in the winter months, or for long trips all year round. The 4 wheel drive on this car enables it to drive easily on the F-Roads, meaning it can drive up the unmarked Icelandic highlands. The Nissan X Trail can carry up to 5 passengers, with enough room in the boot for four large bags. However, if there are fewer people in your party, the last row of seats can be folded down, providing extra space in the back. 


If you are looking to explore the hidden wonders of Iceland, this car is the perfect choice for you. This vehicle provides a comfortable ride, which is more than capable of navigating the remote highlands of Iceland. We guarantee that the Nissan X Trail will take you to your destination safely and comfortably, doing so on any road in the country. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if youre looking to rent the Nissan X Trail in Iceland.



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